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Come and discover the treasures of Verona, UNESCO World Heritage since 2000.
Our visit starts from Bra Square and its most famous monument: the Arena. The roman amphitheatre of Verona, one of the best preserved in the world, is one of the town's symbols.
Walking along the narrow and colourful streets of the city centre and looking at the shops of Via Mazzini or Corso Portoni Borsari, we reach the heart of the ancient roman town: Erbe Square, the old market of Verona, that inspired famous Veronese artists such as the painter Angelo Dall’Oca Bianca and the poet Berto Barbarani. With its market and Cafés, the square has been, without any doubt, the centre of city life for centuries. Not far from here there’s Juliet’s House with its legendary balcony. Here Romeo and Juliet, unlucky lovers, lived their sad love story.

But Verona is not only the town of love, it’s also one of the most important medieval towns of North Italy. That’s why, in the heart of the historical centre, we can find the headquarters of the powerful Scaligeri family: Signori Square or, as the Veronese call it, Dante Square, nowadays one of the most romantic corners of the town.

We leave then such crowded squares to explore the silent road Via Sottoriva. Here we can walk through the simple tables of many Osterias, places where you can eat traditional food, drink local wine and talk with friends.
And without realizing it, we reach the river Adige, that still flows into its ancient bed, where the romans found it when they settled down at the feet of Lessini Mountains. From here we can admire the beauty of Ponte Pietra, the Roman Theatre and the Archeological Museum.
We start going back to the beginning but if you still feel like walking, we could go and see the cathedral or the Carega district with the ateliers of local artists or reach Castelvecchio and the Arch of the Gavi family.
A stroll through the centuries that changes every day, because every day is different and can offer interesting surprises…

Further details: walking tour with licensed tour guides of Verona
Meeeting Point: Bra Square, under the horse statue of Vittorio Emanuele II
Duration: from 1 to 5 hours

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