Verona and the Jewish Ghetto

Discovering the history of Verona and the history of the communities living together on the same territory. The presence of the Jewish community has roots in the XII cent. In this tour we are going to discover what remains nowadays of the Old Jewish Ghetto and we are going to visit the Synagogue.

You must book this tour with at least 1 week in advance, according to the availability of the Synagogue. The entrance to the Synagogue is free of charge but it’s nice if you can leave a small help for the maintenance and the work of restoration.

 Attention! This tour is NOT available every day, please contact us and verify our availability.


Undreground Verona

Verona is a historical city, founded two thousand years ago. Underground, the city is rich of ruins and evidences of the past. We are going to visit shops, restaurants, banks and hotels hiding the traces of the roman and medieval times.

Attention! This tour is available only on some days of the week – please check the availability.

Attention! For this tour is required at least one week in advance booking.

Something more: after the walking tour, try your ability following a Mosaic-class workshop. For more infos, please, write us.


Frescoed Verona

Verona was called the “ Frescoed City” for the high number of buildings and houses painted with the Fresco technique. With our itinerary we are going to discover the traces of these old and colorful  buildings. We can also include the visit to the new and fascinating Frescoes Museum, situated near the famous Juliet’s Tomb.

Something more: after the walking tour, try your ability following a Fresco-class workshop. For more infos, please, write us.


Veronetta: the Adige river left bank between food and tradition.

In its history, Verona was split in two parts between French and Austrian troops. At that time, the Adige river was considered as a natural border between the two city-states: Verona and the left bank, called Veronetta (Little Verona). This area, less known and visited, it’s very rich of monuments and traditions. Following a beaten-off path, we are going to discover the ruins of the roman times, the Stone bridge and the Roman Theatre, and we are going to find out masterpieces of the Churches, getting lost in a very old labyrinth into a magnificent Garden.

During our waking tour we could stop in a local Osteria and taste the traditional food and the red wines, taste the pizza or a very tasty Italian Gelato.

Something more: if you like the wine, try our local wines with the explications of an expert sommelier, viewing the city from a panoramic place.  For more infos, please, write us.

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