Who we are...
...two licensed tour guides of Verona and Modena. Put yourselves in our hands and discover two wonderful gems of italian art and culture.

Our idea simply comes out of the fact that the territories of Verona and Modena are historically connected. Since ancient times they've always shared an important historical and cultural heritage. From the Adige Valley right into the heart of the Po Plain, following a privileged itinerary for commerce and traffic, two similar and interdependent cultures developed. The main example are the three marvellous romanesque churches of S. Zeno in Verona, the Abbey of S. Silvester in Nonantola and the Cathedral of Modena. All born in the same period and from the same expert hands of Wiligelmo and its school.
So, we asked ourselves why? Until now, no one has thought to give an opportunity to the interested and curious traveler to experience to compare two worlds that are close to one another and rich with local peculiarities. Two different cities and regions, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna, but two great opportunities to experience the rich and broad-based heritage of Italian colors.

since we are not a travel agency, we can't practise service intermediation. That means that every service will be paid directly on site and we cannot accept prepayment for our fees.